Non Iodized Salt Resources

Looking for non iodized salt? Non iodized salt brands vary and can be found in most stores. Many stores carry some version of the salt and there are a lot of online stores that carry them as well. Whether you are looking for pickling salt, cooking salt, sea salt, Kosher salt, or some other variation you can probably find it quickly and easily online.

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Below are listed some of the more highly sought after brands and types of non iodized salt and are available from amazon


Pickling Salt
pickling and canning non iodized salt

Mrs. Wages Pickling & Canning Salt (non iodized) is a popular salt to use for both pickling and canning. In addition, this salt can also be used for taxidermy.

Price: .99 on amazon


Kosher Salt
David's kosher salt tube
David’s Kosher Salt (non iodized) is a long time favorite for those looking for an exceptional non iodized salt that is truly Kosher to use in cooking and flavoring. David’s Kosher Salt comes in a coarse and flaky texture that goes great with many recipes and foods.

Price: .45  on amazon

In addition to the David’s Kosher Salt, there are many other varieties available on Be sure to inspect the product’s information as not all salts that are labelled “Kosher” are iodine free.


More Non Iodized Salt Resources

Many other types of iodine free salt are available; for a full listing click here.

Interested in more information about non iodized salt? Read up on general information here, Kosher salt information here, and uses for non iodized salt here.

kosher salt

Kosher Salt What is Kosher Salt?Kosher salt is based on the same chemicals as regular salt (sodium chloride) but is generally sold in with a larger grain size and is usually non iodized (does not contain iodine). In addition to not containing iodine, kosher salt is typically sold without any types of additives; however, some brands are sold with a m...

Pickling And Canning Salt

Pickling And Canning Salt Did you know that canning salt and pickling salt are the same thing? They are the same product used for different purposes (canning vs pickling). The end result is a storable food that can be safely put away for months and sometimes longer periods of time before being consumed. Canning involves non iodized salt a...

Health benefits of non iodized salt

Health benefits of non iodized salt There are a wide range of ideas about what benefits are offered by non iodized salt. For instance, one of the reasons that iodine was added to salt in the first place was to increase the health of the general population by decreasing goiter and mental health issues. However, as time has gone on there have been fin...

Uses For Non Iodized Salt

Uses For Non Iodized Salt Non iodized salt has many uses that range from cooking to canning. Below are some of the more common uses for non iodized salt:Pickling and canning Kosher cooking Low iodine diets (thyroid cancer) Allergy to iodine Flavor (iodine can introduce a bitter taste to some people)For pickling and canning, most peo...